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Building MD has been assisting two recently-formed condominium associations solve problems that weren't noticed until the developers turned over the building to the new association as being in like-new condition.


Most of the owners were first-time home owners and had no idea that there could be so many hidden defects in a new or newly-renovated building.
We are working our way through defects in windows, structure, masonry, roofing and electrical.


All of these problems could have been discovered prior to the turnover of the building to the responsibility of the Condo Association.


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What We Do

Pedersen & Associates’ specialists have extensive experience in architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design, construction administration, owner representation, building inspections and forensic investigation.

Our work is primarily focused on solving problems in existing buildings. We investigate problems in buildings of all types.  We recognize that Condo Boards and Property Managers have many responsibilities occupying their time without exploring construction-related problems.  These groups do not have the training and experience, nor should they assume the liability, for such investigation. 

We assign the appropriate professional to investigate your concerns, to diagnose the real problem behind the outward symptoms, determine the correct remedial action necessary to keep the problem from returning and advise you of the most cost-effective course of action. 

Deferred Maintenance:

  • Has maintenance been deferred?
  • Is your association ready to deal with the problems, but the Board can’t decide how to prioritize the projects and how to pay for them?

We can determine the most critical projects and estimate project costs. Often projects can be divided into Phases, spreading costs over multiple years.  In addition, our Project Funding Consultant can assist your Condominium Board in arranging a loan to fund a repair or renovation project.  Such interim financing permits a comfortable repayment period without the levying of large assessments or the reduction of the association's reserve fund to an undesirable level.

Inspection and Investigation:

Realtors, property owners and attorneys can rely on us to provide thorough building inspections and identify defects or potential building problems. Often, we find that a reserve study is unavailable or very outdated. We can prepare and discuss the implementation of a new reserve study.

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